Membership / Direct Donation


There are three (3) tiers of membership per school year:

  • Faculty: $12
  • Parents: $12
  • Students: $8

Besides supporting Colina Middle School administration, teachers and students, there are other benefits to becoming a member of PTSA. Click HERE to find out more.


Your PTSA needs to raise $140,000 in order to supplement technology in the classrooms, teacher start-up funds, scholarships, the arts, ASB and other instructional programs. This translates to $275 per Colina student – that’s one Venti Starbucks Frappuccino every week!! If every family were to make this donation, the PTSA would not have to fundraise!  This is a suggested donation; however, any donation is greatly appreciated and will be used by your PTSA to continue to enhance the educational experience of your child.

Does your company participate in corporate matching? Click on this link Corporate Matching to see ALL the companies that participate in corporate matching! This means…when YOU donate to The Colina PTSA Direct Donation your company will match your amount. So, when you help pay for your child to have all the academic enhancements they deserve, your company will help too! That means more money for technology improvements, more science, math and english programs, etc. We sincerely thank you in advance for your financial support.

Any questions about corporate matching or direct donation contact
Click HERE to access the PTSA store where you can become a member, have your student become a member, and / or make a donation directly to the PTSA. Thank you for your support!

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